Unrecognized Genocide: The Case of Sri Lanka

My research will be investigating the case of Sri Lanka to explore the theory of genocide, critically analyzing scholarship surrounding mass atrocities and mass violence. It is my contention that when genocide goes unrecognized, it incites anomic conditions. Residual war trauma is externalized within the affected diaspora through intergenerational trauma, abuse, and selective memory. The goal of this article is to clarify and provide specific cases of post war trauma manifesting in Sri Lankan Tamil youth refugees living in California.


Incarcerating the Undocumented

It is my contention that incarceration, and the detention of undocumented immigrants, have several similarities that should be explored through a succinct understanding of state actor surveillance and policing, such as ICE and law enforcement agencies. In addition to exploring hyper-policing of undocumented immigrant communities.


International Journalism or Neoliberal Voyeurism

People of color are not seen as human until the media fulfils white viewers’ voyeuristic needs. This is no longer a concept of measuring white liberal impact, but rather takes a deeper look into the image of the subaltern, their agency, and the consumption their of trauma.


Of Deviance and Criminality: The Mechanisms of International Criminal Law

The Sensibility and Sense of International Criminal Law by Immi Tallgren is a highly critical paper that works to call out our maudlin attachment to the architecture of international criminal law (ICL) at present. This article focuses on the question of ‘why’ we do International Criminal Law in its current formations, regardless of our knowledge that its structure is incredibly flawed.


The Deviant Eelam Tamil Woman: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of the Women Fighters of the LTTE